Golfing in Toronto

Masters 2016 ups (Danny Willet) and downs(Jordan Spieth)

Golf 2016

What a #Masters2016.

When anyone think  it s over, after 9 holes and  -7 (5 stroke leads), few swings  change everything. One bed (Jordan on 12 th hole, and  one brilliant  -Danny Willett on 14th, 10 minutes apart).

Those 2 strokes resolve tournament this year.

You probably whach everything, no need  to  elaborate about, but one thing surprised us a LOT.

Jordan behavior, last hole, and after and during green jacket ceremony.

This is not something  which belong to sport, and golf is sport, and everyone supposed to be sportist around golf.

Sportist (real one) when lose match, need to congratulations to winner (because winner deserve to win this time no doubt about, bogey free round, 5 birdies  - against   2 bogeys, don t mention 1 quadr). What he did , and how he react it was not something he should be proud about.

It s not all about  to win, to be famous, the most important thing in life is to be good man, with respect to the others. He is 22 years old, still, we  hope, he will learn on this mistakes, and start to be sportist, golfer with good manners. Not like this. Never. Learn something #CryingJordan

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 8.46.08 PM



Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 8.57.27 PM

Every week i play whith lot different guys, some of them never saw before in my life, and whatever they play mutch better then me or worse, it doesn t matter, i enjoying playing with them, because they are friendly, they respect you , and you feel good.

And this is what is golf about – to feel GOOD.

And Jordan is golfer, like anybody else, and that behavior from him (milions kids will look at him and learn from him ) is not acceptable.

But i don’t want this post to be about not so good guy, i want to congratulations to great guy Danny Willett(it was so nice to see him that happy, genuine HAPPY).

He will present green jacket next year at Augusta and he wont be like this presenter  this year. Guaranteed.

Golf 2016