Golfing in Toronto

Graham DeLaet is the great player

Graham DeLaet at Riviera

Wee are writing this after 3 rd round at #riviera , Graham DeLaet is currently second 2 shot behind.

Whatever happen at last day , he show the world what he got. And he got a game.
It s good when is no around #tiger and #mickelson , so we can se all others GREAT PLAYERS. They deserve to be seen.
Thats why we have chance first time to se almost every play from #GrahamDeLaet . Thank you Tiger and Mickelson for this chance (when they play, you will watch ONLY THEM).
We love how this guy drive, his mental stability, we are sure he is going to be BIG in the future. Just give him some time.
He end up in top 10 @riviera.