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Tiger is done, is Jordan Spieth the NEXT ONE

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Is Jordan Spieth  is next one.


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History is made. He is the first one to reach -19  on Masters. He is the best  after 36 and 54 holes. He is the second youngest  Master champion, 26 birdies in 4 days, what else you need to love him.

He is the future of the golf.

He was leading Augusta  all 4 days, he did not blink, no major mistakes, he stay cool to the end and won with 5  strokes.

Amazing player, 2014  Master runner up, 2015  3 times  winner.

We become little tier waiting for Tiger to back to the top. It is clear now, it want happen, but there is no reason to be sad. The new kid in the block . Jordan Spieth is the one  golf nation was waiting for. They need new Tiger, and now after  master is under his belt, is here.

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